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Client: Animal Shelters & Rescue, Pet lovers
After working with dogs through daycare, therapy training and animal rescue for 10 years, I have gained much experience and knowledge of pet adoption. My journey transcended from petting and playing with dogs to working with beaten and mistreated dogs, striving to give them a better life and forever home. Through my research and first hand experience, I uncovered the challenges of pet adoption on all sides. With 6.5 million animals entering US shelters & rescues as well as approximately 1.5 million dogs and cats are euthanized yearly my motivation to advocate for these animals immensely increased. Despite the astounding number of animals without homes, I found through research and experience it was significantly difficult to adopt a pet in the North East. 
As I am not just an animal advocate but a designer as well, I constantly asked myself how can I solve this problem as a designer? The solution...
Two Tales, a pet adoption app that facilitates adoption on all sides, that being kids, adopters, and shelters. All sides play key roles in the adoption process to find well-deserved pets a loving home. 


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kids | adopters | shelters

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Gallery Exhibition | center wall

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Gallery Exhibition | right wall

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Gallery Exhibition | left wall

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Outdoor Adoption Event

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